Although I was silent in December I was very busy with crafts.  I wasn’t able to go home for the holidays and so in between the many phone calls from friends and family I kept myself occupied sewing and playing with paper.  Christmas decorations, a couple of scarves (shocking, I know, for a non-knitter), presents for my nephew and Gran and even a skirt for me were all started and finished.

Since being very little Christmas has always brought out the crafter in me; many of my early sewing attempts were felt decorations and this year I made a felt Christmas pud for our tree.  I also turned a Bravissimo paper bag into eight purple and green flower-things and making them gave me so much pleasure that I’m now a little obsessed with origami.  Reading blogs gave me many ideas for decorations but I loved the fun of the candy cane reindeer by Cindylouh.

I also bought the wooden decoration of a girl playing the harp to celebrate finally getting my harp reconditioned and in London.  I’m very excited but teaching myself how to play it again (after an absence of 9 years) is, erm, unsurprisingly a struggle.

Also every Christmas I tend to get a little jealous of knitters.  I love the idea of knitting cosy scarves and gloves and hats but knitting and I do not get along.  However this year I managed to at least adapt a couple of scarves.  When visiting Avoca in November I saw scarves lined with pretty cotton and fell in love with one (but my hints fell on R’s deaf ears and it was too luxurious to buy for myself).  However, the idea was snuggled into my brain and out of it came two presents that I was very happy with.  The scarves were from M&S and I used fine Liberty fabric in my stash for the lining.

One lesson I learnt a little too late was that scarves in the same range but in different colours may not, for who knows why, be the same size!

As I wasn’t going home over the holiday I wanted to make something for my Gran so that she knew that even though I wasn’t there I was thinking about her.  I made her a patchwork cushion in purple and owl fabrics because she loves both of those.  It was the first patchwork I’ve done since high school (and my mum claims she got at least half of that B+) and it has given me the confidence to work up a couple of other projects, plus I’m one step closer to having the confidence to make a quilt.