I’m not sure if it was my dedication to work or sewing that kept me in the lab for 13 hours yesterday.  I became obsessed with processing some data and really wanted to get the numbers crunched before I went home so that I didn’t have it nagging at me today, on my very precious day off.  I plan to spend today surrounded by fabric, in one way or other.

Hobbies are important.  I didn’t understand that when I was working towards my PhD but I now know I would have been a lot healthier and happier if I had, and the title of this little place reminds me of that every day.  My mum and sister and I are becoming very good at encouraging each other’s hobbies; it helps that many of our hobbies are crafty in one way or another.  So, when I asked my mum what she’d like from me for Christmas* she suggested a roll for her new paint brushes.

I loved choosing the fabrics for this project (ok, putting fabric combinations together is probably my favourite part of sewing).  I wanted the roll to have both a paintbox and painted feel to it so I chose to use some  Moda Peas and Carrots ovals and mixed that with some hand dyed Bonsai from Ink & Spindle.

I couldn’t resist adding some paint splodges using appliqué.

*Yes, I’m sorry, it is rather pathetic to be posting about Christmas presents at the end of February but I did mention at the start that days off (including weekends) are very precious and far between at the mo.  Also, I didn’t have time to take any pictures before the brush roll was wrapped up in snowflakes so I had to wait for a dash up north to get some.