Oh crumbs, I am so far behind with my posts.  Like always, the run up to Christmas was a blur of activity and much crafting. I don’t have pictures of everything I made but I will work my way through posting about those that I do.

In November (yes, I’m that far behind) I made a wrap skirt using the directions from Sew What Skirts.  I like using this book and I think this is the third skirt I’ve made using it (there was also one failed attempt but let’s ignore that).  The instructions are clear and I usually find the ratios work well for me.

grey wrap skirt

For fabric I used grey wool suiting (so I think it will have to be dry cleaned only) with a light grey cotton belt/facing. I was apprehensive about using suiting fabric but it was a tight weave and was not difficult to sew.  I love this skirt.  It is so versatile and flattering and I love the way it moves.  I have a habit of standing feet together, twirling it from side to side.

Today I treated myself to the new Jasper Fforde book “Shades of Grey” and I can’t wait to start reading it.  It’s a book about a society where visual colour dominates, and erm, lost spoons. I’m a big fan of the Thursday Next series so I hope this new series is going to be fun.