We moved house a couple of months ago and since then I’ve been slowly finding homes for all our stuff.  The living room is wonderfully spacious and bright (lots of room for spreading out fabric). Unlike our old place the living room can cope with chunky furniture storage space in the kitchen and living room were extremely limited.

So, I bought a second hand dresser from a local charity shop as extra storage and a focal point for the room.  The dresser is solid and sturdy but it was pretty beaten up when I bought it and the dark veneer didn’t fit with the bright room.  It  needed some tlc.

dresser before

So when R went a way for a week’s business trip I set to work sanding it, filling in the gaps and chips, coating it in primer and then paint.  I worked hard and was determined to have it finished by the time he came home.  The main sticking point I had was finding the right colour of paint.  I trundled half-way around London to fine the right shade.

dresser after

I almost made my deadline but in the end R came home whilst I was giving the dresser it’s third (and final) coat of paint.  We swapped out the brass handles it came with for grey ones (although I did have to do a little bit of fiddly magic to get the new handles to fit and if you look really closely they are a bit wonky, oops).  I chose options that were as environmentally friendly as possible but as it required a pretty tough paint to survive our day to day lives, the paint isn’t as green as I would have liked.

I love it.  The red brightens and warms up the room.