I think it’s going to take me sometime to work out how to adapt patterns before I construct a garment.  At the moment I still slavishly follow the pattern, reach the end and then have to figure out how to tweak it to make it fit.  This dress is a perfect example.

blue cord dress b

It gaped in various places and I didn’t enjoy wearing it.  Then I took it home to Yorkshire with me to get some advice from my mum and my granny. We spent a fun morning pulling and prodding and poking me/my dress, deciding where I could add in extra darts/tucks etc. It was great having three generations together, talking about sewing and I learnt a lot from both my mum and my granny that day.  I went back down south with a plan and tweaked the dress so that now it fits better and I enjoy wearing it.  It’s comfy, warm and gives a pleasing silhouette.

I didn’t know it at the time but that day is very special to me now. It was the last time I saw my granny.  She was a wonderfully independent and interested woman.  I know that she was proud that my sister and I enjoy crafts.   Her quilts were my introduction to patchwork and I owe some of my love of fabric to her.  I think it amused her that I enjoy embroidery.  When I was 8 and declared that I wanted to learn to play the harp she was a key instigator in obtaining lessons for me.  When I was in high school she joked that she followed my school terms and holidays by the colour of my hair.  Not that I remember her complaining when I visited her with pink or black or red hair.  However, when my mum remarried she did request that my sister and I didn’t turn up in our Doc Martin boots.  I think I wore platforms instead.  I miss granny.