Recently a very good friend of mine completed her PhD.  Congratulations again Susie.  Unfortunately I was away at a conference when she had her viva and subsequent celebrations; I felt awful but nothing could be done about it.  To make amends I made her a needle roll for her circular knitting needles and had it included in the present giving from the lab (much to the confusion of everyone apparently).

Susie's needle roll

I don’t knit and so I didn’t know what the dimensions of the needle roll should be or what additions would be useful. I tried hunting for a tutorial but came up blank so I asked my sister for her advice.  Kt suggested that I include a small pair of scissors, a couple of large safety pins to hold stitch markers and a patch of felt for a few pins and sewing needles.

Susie's needles rolled up

I placed some batting between the front and back pieces (figuring it would be awful if the needles poked through) and had a go at quilting with straight lines, vertically and horizontally about an inch apart.  As expected the quilting was a wee bit tricky to get straight but it was good practise.  Susie has assured me that it is already full of needles so I hope she is finding it useful.