Crumbs, my last post was a long time ago.  I blame a couple of big projects and a busy summer (not all work though there was rather a lot of play too). I started the two big projects during a glorious week at home in the Spring but didn’t finish them until last month and didn’t get around to photographing them until last weekend.  Where does the time fly to?  The two projects were very different, one was a quilt and the other was a Lady Grey coat.  The idea was that the simple stitching of the quilt would balance out the technical difficulty of the coat and I am glad that I could bounce between the two projects.  It did slow down the construction of the quilt though and I feel a wee bit bad about that as it was a present (ah well, I think they forgive me).

Two of my favourite people were wed earlier this year and I was honoured to be a bridesmaid.  The wedding weekend was a fusion of Hindu and Scottish colour and energy, and it was lots of fun.  With that in mind I designed a colourful quilt for them (because all newly-weds should have something to snuggle under).  The patterned fabric is from two collections designed by Anna Maria Horner, mixed with a variety of plains.  I think I spent about two days moving around the squares before I was happy with the balance but that was fun and challenging, and the patchwork was quick and simple.  The backing was soft and cosy quilter’s flannel that I machine dyed with Dylon.  The quilting was also simple, just 1/4″ off-set squares.

R helped me take the pictures but the wind made the process rather tricky (and silly).  I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and I love the way the colour combinations have turned out.  I have to admit that I didn’t want to give away the quilt but N&D are special so I was good (and anyway, I have my next quilt all planned out and that one’s for R and me).

Last November I ran away from the Big Smoke into the Scottish fresh air for a weekend with my Dad, step-mum and their dog, Domino.

Scotland Nov09

It was very wet (my walking boots very nearly let my feet get soggy) but there were patches of blue sky, and with good company, good food and good wine I was very happy.

The tricky light and fast flowing water gave a perfect opportunity for me to absorb as much of my Dad’s photography knowledge as I could.  He’s encouraging me to use more of the functions of my beautiful SLR and stop lazily using it as a point and click.

Wet Scotland Nov09

The cottage we stayed in had black sofas that were perfect for keeping Domino’s secret when she naughtily jump up on them.  At home, Domino isn’t allowed on the sofa because black dog hair and a cream couch just don’t make tidy playfellows.   However, it quickly became obvious that my Dad and Domino both enjoyed cuddling on the sofa (rather than the hard floor).  In a fit of familial love and Christmas cheer I offered to make a quilt that they could put on the sofa at home to protect it from doggy cuddles.

I decided to adapt the Little Bits quilt from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts to two blocks of little bits and large diagonal quilting.  I couldn’t face sewing with black fabric but I guessed that a deep chocolate brown would hide the dog hairs just as well and be more attractive.  I like the way the blue little bits dance out of the chocolate and are interesting without being too fussy.

It was tight finishing the quilt for Christmas and I finished the last of the hand-sewn bias binding on Boxing day.  In the rush I knew I wouldn’t be able to sign the quilt using embroidery so I pulled out my printer fabric and digitally signed the quilt in brown and blue.

As part of my experimenting with wadding I used a recycled plastic bottle polyester wadding for this quilt.  It was much easier to work with than then the bamboo wadding I used for my nephew’s robot quilt.

I saw the quilt in use this weekend and it was lovely seeing Domino and Alison curled up on it together.